Thermaltake introduces RGB covers for RAM

Thermaltake continues to invest in RGB-equipped products. Their latest addition is casings that attach to primary memory modules lacking this type of attractive lighting.

As computer components become more expensive, manufacturers have to find new stuff that customers can buy to improve their computer build. It may involve performance improvements, but also simply eye-catching ones.

Within the latter category, both Corsair and Gigabyte have provided solutions in the form of fake primary memory modules with RGB LEDs.

Another player entering the area is Thermaltake, with its Pacific R1 Plus Kit . Unlike both Gigabyte and Corsair, Thermaltake does not offer any kind of memory module, but instead it covers existing modules (or no modules at all).

In line with current trends in gaming PC building, the housings are equipped with RGB lighting and has support for synchronization via software from all of the major motherboard manufacturers. Also included is a controller, which makes it possible to control the lighting via Thermaltake’s own software.

Thermaltakes Pacific R1 Plus DDR4 Memory Lighting Kit is expected to be available shortly. The company has not yet announced any price for the product.