Arc Battlemage set to double amount of shaders

According to the latest rumors, Intel’s upcoming Arc Battlemage graphics architecture may double the amount of compute units/shaders. Meanwhile,¬†clock frequencies may reach aboce 3 GHz thanks to a more efficient four nanometer manufacturing process.

Huge improvements since launch

The first generation of dedicated graphics cards from Intel were off to a pretty shaky start. Although testers and gamers in general were happy to see some fresh competition from Intel, the drivers and software solutions were the topic of some initially intense negative criticism.

This aspect has slowly improved since launch and the Arc Alchemist A770 and A750 now offer excellent value while new cards from AMD and Nvidia cards are as expensive as they’ve ever been.

Arc Battlemage to arrive in 2024

Now rumors have instead started to shift to what Intel is allegedly planning for the next generation of graphics cards, which goes by the name Arc Battlemage.

There is no official information available as to how this will differ from Arc Alchemist, but the RedGamingTech Youtube channel claims to have come across information about the upcoming architecture.

According to the Youtuber, Arc Battlemage will supposedly come with up to 64 Xe cores. That’s twice as many as the current top model (Arc A770). 64 Xe cores would translate to 1,024 execution units (EUs) and 8,192 unified shaders.

However the memory bus is said to be 256-bit wide, which is the same as before but memory speeds could still improve. Other news is that Intel may use TSMC’s 4nm manufacturing process for Battlemage.

In addition, RedGamingTech claims that graphics cards based on the new architecture will launch sometime in the first or second quarter of 2024. This will follow a refreshed version of the Alchemist architecture that is to launch sometime in late 2023.

None of these specifications have been confirmed by Intel, so the information should be treated as a rumor at this time.