Cooler Master launches Hyper 212 Black Edition – RGB-enhanced cooling

The CPU cooler Hyper 212 from Cooler Master now receives another update, this time in the form of a color scheme that goes completely in black. It also boasts improved cooler performance.

This year’s Computex fair was once again filled with new products and one of the attendees was Cooler Master. The cooling manufacturer showed everything from new cases to processor coolers. In the latter category, a new version of the company’s popular processor cooler Hyper 212 appeared.

It’s being launched right away and goes by the name Hyper 212 Black Edition. This name refers to the fan and the heatsink now being completely black. The cooler is released in two variants, one of which is equipped with RGB LEDs.

Interestingly, these models sport different fans. with the RGB model using a SF120R fan while the RGB-less cooler has a Silencio fan.

Some changes have been made since the cooler was shown during Computex 2018. Cooler Master has, among other things, chosen to fit the models with four heat pipes instead of five that appeared on the early prototype. However, the company has retained the improved mounting arrangement

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition and Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition will be launched on October 11. The price for the RGB model is unknown at this point.