Intel wants your input on GPUs

Next year, Intel is launching its own dedicated graphics cards to take up competition against Nvidia and AMD. Now the company is introducing its Odyssey venture, where they invite users to provide feedback during development of the upcoming GPUs.

For some time now, Intel has been in full swing with the development of its own graphics cards, codenamed Xe. Intel aims at everything from integrated circuits to data centers, via ordinary consumers, meaning that they become direct competitors to both AMD and Nvidia.

Very little is known about the venture, but via Twitter, Intel now presents what they call Odyssey, which is described as an important part of the work.

This is more than a journey. It is an Odyssey to improve visual computing experiences. But we can’t do it alone. We invite our community to join us. #JoinTheOdyssey

According to Intel, this is a community initiative where users can sign up to get the latest news about Intel’s graphics initiative, and also be involved to provice feedback as it happens.

Users who sign up for Odyssey may fill in such things as names and emails, and also choose event venues. It is about a number of cities scattered across Europe, North America and Asia. There are many indications that the company is planning one or more events around the world and it is known that Intel will talk about its graphics tech on GDC 2019.

The details about Xe are still unknown, but probably, the architecture of Arctic Sound is the basis for it. Intel has also confirmed that the first generation is manufactured on a 10-nanometer process and that they aim for a launch by 2020.

Let’s hope they pull this off and at the very least manage to undercut the high prices on Nvidia’s high-end cards.